Autumn thoughts

I have written a little already about autumn and how I feel about it. I was walking across town a little while ago, along Gordon Street towards Central, when I saw the sky changing to that almost wintry grey slate colour. I often miss the wide open skies of the east coast but Glasgow has not a bad expanse of sky on view, in between the chimney tops.

Also, I wanted to share an experience from my commute this morning. It was bright but chilly when I left this morning and it continued that way until the train was pulling out of Dalmuir, near Clydebank. At one moment, it was still bright but just after the park, it suddenly got foggy and I could barely see a few yards away. That often happens when heading up to Dumbarton – the weather can be completely different from even a few miles away, let alone here in Glasgow – but today it was particularly noticeable and noteworthy.


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