Where things take me

On Wednesday, I am going away for a couple of days to Cambridge, with a day trip to London chucked in for good measure. I have had a bit of a look at what is going on but generally I don’t have much of a plan. I haven’t been to Cambridge before so it will be nice to go somewhere different and follow my nose. London is a bit more familiar and it will be a case of the British Museum and whatever else makes up the day. I was talking to a colleague the other day about good places to visit and to eat in around London. She particularly recommended Soho, before all the soul gets taken out of it, she said.

The reason I asked about London is because of its complexity. Samuel Johnson might have said that when one is tired of London, one is tired of life but I think he didn’t get out much. London is a vibrant metropolis but it is a place to visit rather than live, at least for me. It’s worth having a sense of a plan, an idea of what’s worth doing and what isn’t. Also, it is a gentle taste of something new rather than scouting around Bloomsbury using the GPS on my phone to find a Greggs, as I did on my last visit. (What can I say? I know what I like.)

Cambridge is new and I have a vague idea of going to some museums then having a walk around. The Museum of Classical Archaeology is on the list, partly because I might run into the classicist Mary Beard, who works in the same building and is on my list of good people. Others include the actor who played the slightly camp lift in the stage production of Lanark I saw recently, the person who came up with dark chocolate Rolos, Alan Stubbs, the poet Jackie Kay and Steve Silberman, the author of a cracking book I have just read about the history of autism, Neurotribes. 

Sorry, kind of digressed a bit there. Anyway, Cambridge should be cool. London will be a whirlwind. And Friday I am not sure yet. I don’t know whether I will explore Cambridge more or go someplace else. I will see where things take me.

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