Lighter side

I like to laugh. What I tend to find funny, though, tends to be quite weird or quirky, darker than brighter but it depends on what it is. Some people find me witty but oftentimes I am not trying to be funny, I am merely saying what I am thinking.

This trip had some crackers. Cambridge has a park called Christ’s Pieces, which tickles me rigid. A piece in Scotland is a sandwich but it could be what someone says to avoid swearing or the name of a church or given that an American might think of a piece as a gun, it could be where Jesus kept his arsenal. Or a heavenly sandwich shop. The park itself is stunning, quite like the Meadows in Edinburgh but on a smaller scale. I didn’t have the nerve to take a selfie beside the sign, though.


I also gazed in amazement at a sign which advertised, evidently as a special offer, champagne and caviar for £99. Some folks have more money than sense. Or I have lived such a sheltered life. £99! I felt myself getting righteously indignant. My lunch that day cost £3.40. And I count that as dear. A roll and sausage al fresco in a beautiful place. They can stick their fish eggs and fizzy bloody wine.

I was reminded earlier today of the rather good sign at Cambridge railway station. The first thing you see as you step off the train is ‘Cambridge, home of Anglia Ruskin University’. I like the cojones required to do that. Also, the very first academic institution I saw when I arrived, I am happy to report, was the Open University, not Jesus or Queen’s or whatever.

London isn’t very funny. It’s how Samuel Johnson was wrong when he said that when one is tired of London, they are tired of life. Those of us who possess a sense of humour lose it a bit there. Then again I nearly lost it in Cambridge when a cyclist missed me by inches. Those who know me well will know that I like to exploit the full reaches of our language so some well-chosen naughty words might just have slipped out. London is one long swearword – at least it has some redeeming features, like museums, galleries and the road out of it, right back here to Glasgow and civilisation.

I like the absurd, which is an area of humour London excels in. Cambridge had a good example, again in Christ’s Pieces, actually, where a tree had a Tree Maintenance Notice taped to it, the maintenance being that it was about to get chopped doon.


So, that’s the tale of my Cambridge adventure, of libraries, museums and the lighter side. I hope to go back to Cambridge again, it’s a beautiful city. No doubt I will be in London again in a few months when I need a wee fix of the British Museum. Onwards to the next adventure.

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