Let it snow

The post that was due to appear today was about the border lands between Scotland and England. It will appear instead some time in the coming week. As befits snow days, let’s junk the routine and play about in the snow.

As I write this, all is white outside. Snow came suddenly and fell in considerable depth. It’s still snowing and I like that. I grew up in a part of the country where it didn’t snow very often. I didn’t see snow, or I can’t remember it anyway, until I was about nine or ten. I remember being at school in Edinburgh and seeing snow outside the window. It was amazing, completely unknown and beautiful, completely changing the world and how it looked.

That feeling still comes to me every time it snows. I remember being at school and my head openly turned towards the window rather than the teacher, even when I was a teenager and supposedly above these things. (Then again, I spent much of my high school years writing poems and stories rather than properly working so I probably would have been looking out the window anyway.) I was at work yesterday when it started to snow and I just felt a great smile come over my face.

I managed to get out during my break to get some photos, which appear below:




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