Early morning airport thoughts

A few posts will follow in the next few days all about my trip to Cambridge and London this week. Tonight’s post contains (slightly) edited thoughts scribbled in my notebook at around 6am the other morning waiting for my flight from Glasgow Airport. They are only edited in the sense that some very sweary words have been expunged, though I am sure that you, dear reader, are robust enough not to faint when you read such a word.

Ruminations at an agriculturally early hour:

  • You can buy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski jewellery and a Celtic top all before 6am – for the glory hunter with expensive tastes, Glasgow Airport is absolutely ideal
  • Katowice and Gran Canaria can co-exist quite comfortably on a departure board with Stornoway, Campbeltown, Islay and Tiree
  • BBC Breakfast is still as pish in an airport
  • Karen Dunbar looks really thoughtful despite sitting on a hideous red sofa in the middle of an old street in the Riverside Museum
  • She still looks like she wishes Bill Turnbull a sudden and painful death
  • Evidently three people are required to work at a whisky bar at 6.30 in the morning and they are cheerful even at this bloody hour
  • Thank goodness I didn’t see there’s an Armani Jeans shop until too late or I would breathe fire
  • On hearing an announcement requesting some passengers put luggage into the hold, I put gloves etc. into bag, in case they might be an extra item or two. Thinking this might be pedantic, next thought: ‘I’m autistic. I’ll define what I like’.
  • Robert Wiseman Dairies clock randomly on wall – it’s always time for milk is the slogan
  • Beautiful sunrise this am – at least it’s at 7am, none of this 5 o’clock pish

So, that’s my collected thoughts from Glasgow airport departures. More elegant prose will follow about my travelling in due course. I had a great time, seeing many wonderful places, some new, some old, all bathed in cold sunshine. In the next wee while, there will be more elegant prose about some of what I saw and did, including encounters with a Rocket and some rocket too. Stay tuned.



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