Adventure week: Day four

I kind of cheated for Adventure Week day four. I ended up having a lie in. My adventure was very brief and just involved walking to the bus stop a different way. When I got to Paisley, I walked along Forbes Place by the river instead of St. Mirren Street. It took 2 minutes but it was enough of a revelation that I saw the world a little differently. Paisley is an architectural hotchpotch, some 19th century Victorian buildings, mills, museum, library and the Town Hall, and some more 1960s stuff. Forbes Place is more of the former though I was more interested in the view along to a bridge, red with a crest on either side, and across to the Abbey, a place I still haven’t been to. Very often I am rushing past, heading home or to work, so I don’t look the right way. I’m glad I did today.


Tomorrow I am going for a real life day trip, probably to Dunbar. I haven’t had a Friday off for weeks, two days off in the week for quite a while so I am looking forward to my day tomorrow, wherever I end up.



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