Big excitement this afternoon. I have written here before about how often the best bit of travelling is the planning. Well, in the space of the last hour or so, I’ve booked a day trip to York. I am quite suggestible in lots of respects and particularly when it comes to planning a jaunt some place. Into my inbox popped a missive from Virgin Trains East Coast, offering 30% off a trip on one of their trains since I haven’t used their online service in a while. The reason for that is I so rarely travel on their trains plus I tend to use the Scotrail app on my phone. Ideas were whirring around of where I could go on the Virgin Trains East Coast route, since the discount was only valid on their services, and I settled on York, a place I like beyond all reasonable measure. I looked at dates and I managed to get tickets there and back on Friday 29th April for just over £50, which isn’t too shabby. I have to get to Central for 6:50am, mind, since VTEC run exactly one service to and from Glasgow a day, but I can deal with that.

Train interior. You get the idea.

I was last in York about a year ago. It could have been longer. (Having just checked my calendar, I see it was in fact 1st December 2014. I remember booking the tickets sitting on a train going somewhere else.) Anyway, I went to the Minster, Art Gallery and of course the National Railway Museum, the most autistic place on earth. I also had a decent walk through the city centre before heading home via the best train station anywhere, with its fine curved roof.

I’ve been to York many times. I was there on my 18th birthday. I remember being at the top of York Minster and my phone ringing. It was my then work who when I asked them where they thought I was guessed the Glebe (a park in Dunbar). Not even close. It was also where I was when I had to abandon a day trip due to illness, I think the only time I’ve ever done that in nearly nine years.

I tend to rock and roll when I do big day trips so I’ll do a little research and see where my mood takes me on the day. Of course the Railway Museum is top of the list. The Flying Scotsman is there this weather so I’ll have to go take a look. I am not a major train geek – I like NRM because it combines trains with a diverse collection and of course enlightened policies and practices. Plus I like the back bit where a lot of their objects are stored on shelves you can walk around, but that’s the museum person coming out in me.

In the meantime, I am going to be fairly well-travelled this month. I am off to Aberdeen on Friday (nothing exciting) and in Edinburgh a lot for football. This is the biggest day trip I’ve had in a few months so it is properly exciting. Plus it’s York, so it’s guaranteed to be great.


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