Shadows fall

I am a regular user of the social network Twitter. Each of this blog’s posts ends up on Twitter and I use it to find out information and, sometimes, to discover things I didn’t know before. Indeed sometimes I find out things I would rather not know or who is involved in superinjunctions and stuff. It can be an echo chamber if you only follow people you agree with or a hornet’s nest if you stray too far from the road by being contentious. I think people should be contentious though I think folk should also retain some humanity online. Not some, a lot. Anyway, I follow an account called East Lothian Loop (@lothianloop, if you want to find it), which shares news, photographs and thoughts about my native county. The other day the custodian of that account posted a photo of some people with their bicycles with the caption: ‘Bikes make the best shadows. I love shadows.’

I love shadows too. In my experience, the best casters of shadows are trains and trees. One of the best parts of the train journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh is crossing the viaduct at Newbridge, where the arches of the viaduct and the train make long shadows on the fields below. Another place where you often see this is near Markle in East Lothian. Markle is best known for a fishery and a level crossing though just before Markle as you are heading towards Dunbar, Berwick and Englandshire, the shadows across the fields are often amazing. It doesn’t matter what kind of train.

My recent visit to Crookston Castle was on a very sunny spring day and there were lots of shadows cast, by the trees, the castle and indeed by me. Here are some shadows falling:


Incidentally, the title of this post is, like much of my life, inspired by a Proclaimers song, ‘Shadows Fall’, from the album ‘Notes and Rhymes’.

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