As part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, here are some photographs to do with Curves.


This is along the walls in York, not far from the Minster. The modern railing to the right kind of takes away from the medieval feel. Rather disappointingly, over these battlements is a retail park. I would fling cannonballs at that but that’s just me.


The second photograph is along the Prom in Dunbar. Behind the wall is Winterfield Park, which is where I learned to ride a bike and, much later, went running. In the centre of the photograph is the Winterfield Pavilion, which opened in 1925 and once hosted concerts and variety shindigs in the summer holidays. I only remember it closed up, though, and it is now in considerable disrepair.


Lastly, here is a photograph taken of the entrance to Bush House on the Strand in London. I can’t think of anything to say about that, to be honest – it’s just rather fine.

There will be another post a bit later on tonight about my trip yesterday afternoon to Carlisle, just after I have finished writing it.


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