I occasionally like to share photographs and tonight I would like to share some photographs of what I remember to be an absolutely perishing afternoon in January 2011. A place I get to once or twice a year is Dysart, a small village just to the east of Kirkcaldy in Fife. I discovered it by chance one time the Art Gallery in Kirkcaldy was closed. Rather than just head back across the Forth home, I decided to go for a walk, hoping to find Ravenscraig Castle, which I knew to be a free Historic Scotland property in the vicinity. I found it (and it’s braw, incidentally – it sits on a clifftop looking across the Forth) and then looked around the coastline and realised there was a coastal path. So I decided to follow it a little way, transfixed by the view right the way across the Forth to Edinburgh, the Pentlands, Lammermuirs, Traprain, the Bass and North Berwick Law, all of East Lothian almost in one glance. After a little while, I reached a cave or at least a section of the path where it became a tunnel but it looked like a cave. At the other side was Dysart, with its 16th century buildings and old harbour. I sat there a while, thrilled with what I had found just by walking a bit further. I go back every so often and the last time was a baltic April afternoon last year. I am overdue a visit, especially after seeing these photographs. The one of the upturned boats reminded me of a generic painting you would see in IKEA or something Microsoft would have as a background but it was actually there, the light just the right way. Those posts of course grace the top of this page – they are painted to reflect the different colours of the sea – but I wanted to give them some context.


Looking across to East Lothian



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