Question time

Normally I steer clear of politics here but I can’t this morning. On this beautiful, sunny morning here in Glasgow, we are now facing thoroughly uncertain times. And there are more questions than answers. How badly will the markets react to the referendum result? (Horrifically so far and it isn’t even 9 in the morning.) Will this trigger Scottish independence? Will this make things worse in Northern Ireland? Will Boris Johnson be the next Prime Minister now David Cameron has left? And what merry hell will the Tory right do in Government now? But the world keeps on spinning, we have to persevere. By David Gray, we really will have to now.

I didn’t sleep too well. I avoided the results and instead checked social media when I stirred again. Now I’m wishing I had stayed asleep. There are a lot of people who voted to leave the EU yesterday for good reasons. They should not be demonised. Not everyone voted for good reasons, I’m sure. But the biggest problem of this campaign was the perception a lot of folk had is that it was a bunch of liars shouting over each other. Voting became a case of which lies do you believe. I voted to stay in because I believe there are more advantages of being part of the EU than disadvantages. That is despite the vast waste of money the EU institutions often are.

What happens now? Well, there are lots of views on that and lots of questions. The short answer is we don’t know. There are positives in the news this morning, however, so let’s start with those. According to BBC News, Colombia’s civil war is over, a solar plane has completed a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and that’s about it. Oh, and Scotland and Northern Ireland voted decisively to remain. Good. All other news is bad. Donald Trump is coming to Scotland today to reopen Turnberry. And Chris Martin has taken to the Guardian to say that Coldplay ‘are saying the opposite of walls and Brexit’. Maybe so but it doesn’t stop you being pish.

The best thing I have seen today was a Tweet from the children’s writer and illustrator Alex T Smith, who said ‘Anyone with anxiety/panic attacks/depression, I’ve made a list of things for you to do today that might help’ then listed some comforting activities. I’m going to keep to at least one of them ‘Keep off social media’ and probably ‘Go for a walk’, even ‘Watch YouTube videos of otters eating’ since I have no idea what an otter eating would look like and I’m curious. Today I am going to spend my day reading Dickens and studying.

The thought I keep coming back to doesn’t help. It is ‘What the fuck?’ Getting angry doesn’t help, nor does wishing England get absolutely horsed in the next round of Euro 2016. (Wales too, actually, since they voted Leave too.) We just have to carry on. What’s the alternative?


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