Following on from this morning’s post about the Glasgow Subway, I would like to write a little bit about a journey I took on the selfsame system last night. I should explain that I normally write blog posts when the mood takes me and publish them in sequence.

Yesterday I covered a lot of ground. I started working in one library, finished in another, then went to dinner with friends in East Kilbride before coming home in the early hours. From Elder, I walked down to Govan subway station to head into town. Govan sits on the outer reach of the Subway, which stretches around the city in a slightly sketchy circle. To get into the city centre, you can take either circle and be in the town in the same time more or less. I took the Inner Circle to St. Enoch, via Ibrox, Cessnock, Kinning Park, Shields Road, West Street and Bridge Street. What was interesting was that at Ibrox then Cessnock the platforms were exceptionally full of people clearly going out on the town, some of the men in Hawaiian shirts. At Ibrox, they didn’t board, which was quite a blessing, but at Cessnock and Kinning Park, some did. It was quickly apparent that they were out on a Subcrawl, which is a sort-of tradition for drinkers in our great city to have a small libation at the nearest hostelry to each Subway station, easier in the West End but much harder around Shields Road and Kinning Park, which are not anywhere near pubs.

I got to thinking about a day trip challenge I could set myself. I don’t drink much normally and a Subcrawl would be an idea of hell for me. Instead, I could do an Iain Sinclair-style above ground walk around the route the Subway takes, going to each of the fifteen stations in turn. It goes with a related idea I had recently to walk along Govan Road into the city centre, looking at the architecture en route. It’s three years next week since I moved here and I feel like some more Glasgow adventures. If it had been a nicer afternoon this afternoon, for example, I might have gone over to Holmwood House, a house designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson in Cathcart, which I have wanted to see for ages and would have led me into the furthest reaches of the south side. Plus I like a walking adventure. Stay tuned.


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