Single or return?

While in the National Railway Museum in York recently, I stopped by possibly the best signpost I have ever seen. I suspect it was created by the NRM to evoke memories of the railways but for me it was quite philosophical and with the phrase ‘to the glorious and unknown’ pretty much summed up my worldview. This is the first of a few posts about each of the directions on that signpost beginning with ‘Single or return?’


One of the many vagaries of the railway ticketing system is that very often it is cheaper to buy a return than a single ticket for the journey you are making. Scotrail are famous for it here in the west of Scotland. You would think it would save paper for one thing just to make a single cheaper but I suppose they have to get people onto the trains somehow and it manipulates the stats even if only one portion of the ticket ends up getting used.

I am a single kind of guy, not just in my relationship status but in how I tend to travel. I often set out for one place and end up in another, sometimes taking a different route home than the one I took to get there. That means I tend to buy single tickets and that can often be dearer but what price can you put on acting on a whim and seeing where life takes you?


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