I am currently in the midst of a really busy spell work-wise. In such times, it’s hard to keep perspective and find escape from the commuting and the drudgery. Luckily, this past week has been spread around quite a few places. One of them was Pollokshaws, which for those not so acquainted with Glasgow is a bit of the city between Pollok Country Park and Shawlands. I was working there one evening. When I left, it was sunny and pleasant so I walked to a few bus stops further on. I was glad I did as I walked past Pollokshaws Burgh Hall, which shone beautifully in the mid-evening light. I have seen it in passing but not had much chance just to look at its weathervane, cupola and general look. It is an incredibly Scottish building, apparently inspired by the design of the University of Glasgow’s former digs in the High Street, and the red sandstone just makes it.

The next bus stop is on Barrhead Road, just after a roundabout. In the middle of the roundabout is an old squat, circular building, which I gather was a tollhouse. It is just so incongruous in the midst of the tower blocks and modern houses. The bus stop faced it and I sat there for a few minutes feeling glad all over from just a few minutes walking in a new direction and seeing what are now fairly familiar surroundings afresh. Sometimes it’s just worth looking the right way.



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