Walking down a Dublin street

An unexpected pleasure of my recent day in Dublin was when I was heading to Marsh’s Library. To get there from the Chester Beatty Library required walking down Nicholas Street, a fairly anonymous red brick street. The buildings were quite reminiscent of around Sciennes in Edinburgh, near the Meadows, the bit where the Sick Kids was, and that was enough for me but for the plaques on the wall, which seem to have been part of a project renovating the street in 2000, gathering memories and reminiscences from local residents. I walked along the street and stood reading each one. I’m like that. Some were funny and very Irish, like the one about having rashers, and one or two were very sad.

Here’s a few. Enjoy.



4 thoughts on “Walking down a Dublin street

    1. Hi there,
      I do too. I am informed that this particular street was originally built as social housing by the family that owns the Guinness brewery in Dublin.

      If that was done today, it would probably involve QR codes and a smartphone rather than plaques.

      Thank you for reading!


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