Something new, something old

Today, I’ve started something new. This blog now has a spinoff, on Tumblr, which is called the Walking Talking Tumblr. It can be found at I did that because I have been thinking about expanding the blog for a while and doing something a little different with it. The Tumblr will be more like a salon version of this, with more photos and shorter musings. I am also thinking about posting some of the older posts from here over there too. There have been 150-odd posts here over the last year and I am proud of many of them. There’s just the one post over there at the moment, which I did a wee while ago, with a photo of the East Beach in Dunbar.

I try to get to St. Abbs once a year. It is a place I absolutely love, it is just beautiful, in a cove the rival of anywhere in the Caribbean, with clifftops and a quaint harbour. Invariably I get the bus to Coldingham and walk across the fields but tomorrow, I will probably be heading straight for St. Abbs since the bus from Berwick finishes there anyway. After a decent interval just watching the world go by from a bench above the harbour, I will probably mix it up a bit and walk along the coast towards Eyemouth, where I will probably have a chippy before heading back to Berwick for the train home. So, that’s where I am going tomorrow and I am looking forward to it more than I can say. Sometimes in the midst of unrelenting activity comes a time, even for a few hours, just to be in a place I like and just be.


Luckily, though, my trip to St. Abbs involves passing through Berwick, also a place I like a lot, and I will spend a wee while wandering around the walls and possibly along to the lighthouse. I used to go to Berwick when I was writing OU assignments, planning them as I walked, and again it is a place I get to once a year. As I visit more and more places, and my horizons subtly expand ever further, I enjoy being in those old, familiar places ever more. It’ll be good.



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