Late again, miss the train


Another post about this rather braw signpost at the National Railway Museum in York. This time, the subject is ‘Late again, miss the train’.

I often run late. I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and when I don’t have to, I often lie in. Even when I can’t, I tend to do it anyway. Despite starting later two days a week, I still often cut it very fine. Plus I rely on public transport, which runs to its own schedule.

And that’s another thing. Yesterday morning, I was running late and got to the station a minute and a half before the train was due to leave and had to run for it since it was clearly about to pull out. I have noticed this particularly since Abellio took over the Scotrail franchise last year. More than once, I have missed a train because it has pulled out up to a minute before its advertised departure time. Luckily I am resourceful and live (and work) in an area incredibly well-served by public transport but I shouldn’t have to be.

There are times when I run early. It tends to be when more than one bus or train is required. I spend enough time sitting at bus stops and in train stations that I prefer to avoid it. But still it happens, particularly when I am away on a day trip. When I was in Carlisle recently, I ended up at the train station half an hour early, almost in time for the train before the one I was getting home. This, however, tends to happen at the end of the day rather than the beginning. I don’t tend to cut a dash or look terribly urbane as I sprint across train stations or along city streets. But what’s life without a hint of danger?


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