Adventure Week II

A few months ago, I embarked on what I called Adventure Week, five days when I managed to fit five separate adventures into my working week – the posts that resulted appear here, here, here and here. This coming week sees me on annual leave. The last couple of times I had annual leave saw me away for a couple of days, in Cambridge and Northern Ireland respectively. This time that isn’t happening, mainly because I don’t feel like going away or at least that far. So, there will be a few day trips instead. I have two booked plus my spin to Dunfermline for the football yesterday. Tomorrow I will be going to Liverpool while on Wednesday it will be to Newcastle and Durham that I go. On the other days I will be dotting around Glasgow. I have to do domestic things plus go to the dentist and probably for a haircut too. In between all that I have a long list of places nearby that I want to see, quite a few of them for the first time like Paisley Abbey, Barshaw Park and Provan Hall.

The Albert Dock, Liverpool

Liverpool is a city I like. The last time I was there was in December last year, though I have stayed there twice. It is very like Glasgow in a lot of ways, in its architecture, history, fashion sense amongst many others. It also has a fair few museums and I will partake in at least one of them while I am there, most likely the Walker Art Gallery and the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum I missed last time and even while it has an exhibition about the Titanic at the moment, which I would rather miss, it also has an intriguing exhibition about the Liverpool pilot boats and also the permanent section about the transatlantic slave trade, which tells an important and at times unsettling story that has often been overlooked in our island history.

Durham Cathedral

Durham and I have a long history. It was the first place I went to on a day trip on my own and I like to be there at least twice a year. I am overdue a visit to Durham Cathedral, since last time there was a service on and I couldn’t park my backside on a pew for a good long think. Plus a walk by the Wear would do me just as much good.

Newcastle and the Millennium Bridge from the Sage arts centre

On the way back home, I like to stop off in Newcastle, another city with great architecture and style. I have a particular circuit I like to take from the train station, down by the Castle Keep to the riverside along to the Millennium Bridge. From there I sometimes go to the Baltic across in Gateshead then back to Newcastle for a walk into Grainger Town and up Grey Street to the Monument. I will stop off for tea before I head for the train back to Glasgow. This time, though, that journey will be more comfortable since the cheapest ticket I could get was in first class and I couldn’t in good conscience insist on a standard fare.

Being on annual leave is an odd experience. It usually takes me a few days to unwind and get out of work mode. A good, long sigh the night I finish up usually helps too. I usually feel relief and a slight excitement as I contemplate what I have planned for this time off. This time I have a couple of day trips planned and the rest is up for grabs. I will of course post here with what I come up with.

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