Adventure Week II ended up slightly differently than planned. I went on day trips to Liverpool and Newcastle though I didn’t achieve half of what I had hoped to achieve. I did, though, spend time chilling out, sleeping occasionally, reading a bit and lying in bed, as well as going out to lunch, the football on Saturday, and heading to Edinburgh on Friday to go to the Botanics. There may need to be an Adventure Week III some other time, when I actually go on some more adventures over a week or so, but this time worked out quite well just dodging around and not running around as much as I usually do when I’m on leave.

Dunfermline Abbey
Mural in the away end at East End Park, Dunfermline

Given it is now November, my rovings will be restricted a bit by daylight. But I am very much in the mood to do more wandering in Edinburgh. On Friday afternoon, I had a great walk in the Botanic Gardens, one of my very favourite places on the planet, and it was only a lack of time that prevented me from wandering a bit further to some other dear, familiar places. Edinburgh is not so far from here and the fact I know it so well means that I have a long list of places I like to go to. Off the top of my head, I have hankerings to walk along the Water of Leith walkway east to Leith and west to Balerno, to go to the Hermitage of Braid, Cramond, Portobello and the Meadows, amongst many others. A lot of these places are nice all year round, as I discovered on winter day trips to pretty much all of them over the years. In the meantime, though, my Edinburgh needs have been more than met for now by being in the Botanics with their autumn colours, with the lanterns from the Botanic Lights show not detracting too much from the finery of the foliage as I wandered.


2 thoughts on “Rovings

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for that. The first two were taken on my phone, the others on my camera. I try to think about the framing, lighting and all that but oftentimes it is a case of ‘there’s something I want to take a picture of. Quick, before it goes away’.


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