There are many places I don’t particularly want to visit in my life. Not out of any animus but they don’t really appeal. Las Vegas is one – not that I am a moral puritan or anything but it just strikes me as a sensory overload on wheels and not anywhere that appeals to me on any sort of level.

The last really chaotic place I was in was a KFC in Newcastle. It had an epic queue and not enough seats for people to sit down. Thankfully there are no photographs of that as it was a pretty grim experience.

The photograph I wanted to share of a chaotic experience was a few years ago, in Piccadilly Circus in London. For those who haven’t been, Piccadilly Circus is another massive sensory overload, full of LED-lit adverts that generally beckon viewers into epic consumerism. The night I was there, we were heading to the West End for a show and Piccadilly Circus was full of people and traffic and that was immediately apparent from the moment we stepped out of the Tube. It was chaos, but not in a good way, and as much as I have made peace with London, I’m glad I don’t live there.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


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