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The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) here in Glasgow is sometimes hit-and-miss in terms of the exhibitions it has on. My view on contemporary art is like my view on music: if I think it’s bad then it’s more to do with me than the artist. I have seen quite a few decent exhibitions there, including the art collection that used to hang in the old BBC building at Queen Margaret Drive in the West End, and another exhibition which had a big pile of chairs as part of an installation. Being clumsy, I nearly knocked them over once as I turned around. I had to beat a hasty retreat in case I got chucked oot.

The photograph above was taken of another exhibition in Gallery 4 at GOMA, which featured cardboard recreations of every church in the Edinburgh phone book, produced by Nathan Coley. I liked visiting this exhibition because it made me feel like a giant. I’m about 5 foot 8 so that doesn’t happen so often. Plus I grew up near Edinburgh so I know some of these churches quite well, including the church with a crown of thorns on top (St. Michael’s, Linlithgow) and the church with four spikes on top, which I think is Dunbar Parish Church. Sadly, this exhibition got wrecked a few weeks after this photo was taken by flooding. But it was rather good, all the same.

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