Why Not?

In the spirit of sharing older posts from the blog that I am quite proud of, here’s one from April that I quite liked and wanted to bring back, from a day in York. It’s quite a good insight into what I love about a day trip and why looking the right way at the right time makes a good day into one of the best days:

“There is a Glaswegian comedian called Arnold Brown. He was particularly prominent in the 1980s. He has quite a laconic, meandering style, often saying ‘And why not?’ I was reminded of this recently while walking in York when I encountered a bit of graffiti on a wall, which said ‘Why not?’ It’s a good question, often unanswerable and can be encouraging for better things and new adventures.


Also, as I walked towards an Italian restaurant to grab some scran, I saw this nifty piece of graffiti scrawled on the side of the restaurant. They are indeed.”



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