The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is themed around paths, the path taken and the one still to come. The photo above was taken walking around St. Abbs Head in Berwickshire, easily one of my favourite places on earth and a path trodden quite a few times over the years. This year has been mentally busy and there have been times when I have longed to escape to places like St. Abbs or just to go on a long walk, an aimless derive in the psychogeographical way or a saunter in the best traditions of John Muir. As Gwyn Thomas rightly said, “But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.” Sometimes the act of walking is all it takes to stimulate new thoughts and to jettison old ones along the way. The act of putting one foot in front of another is invaluable in keeping me sane and I hope over the festive time to do a fair bit of it, in the city or outside, maybe not down at St. Abbs but somewhere with a beach or a park. To be best inspired to write or to study or just to live, walking is vital and picking the right path, the wildest, leafiest and least-trodden one or otherwise, even more so.

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