There are certain sounds that immediately take you back somewhere, to some point in your life. Every time I’m by the sea, hearing the call of gannets reminds me of the new harbour in Dunbar, where quite a few of them call the Castle Rock home. Dunbar Castle was once one of the foremost castles in Scotland until it was demolished by order of the Scottish Parliament in 1568 after Mary, Queen of Scots fled there to be with the Earl of Bothwell. What survived was used as a quarry, firstly to build the port of Leith then the Victoria Harbour itself was created in 1842 by driving a channel through the rock. One of the archways to the west of the harbour fell in about 20 years ago so there’s even less of the castle left now. But the castle is still resilient and evocative of Dunbar and Scotland’s history as well as being home to hundreds of seabirds. Every time I see the castle, it always raises my spirits, without fail. Where I grew up stimulated my love of history just as much of exploring and it underpins my own resilience too.






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