So, it’s 2017. Aye, indeed. It feels like a good time to share this again. I think of this every so often when times are tough. I am absolutely convinced that perseverance is the key to any kind of success, sticking in, doing the work and convincing enough people that what you are doing is right. Every little success I’ve had has been because of keeping on keeping on. I am proud that last year I had a lot of success, some of it quite unexpected like getting a full-time job and doing better than perhaps I deserved to with my OU work. It happened because I had a little bit of luck and because I did the work. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken years of working myself to the bone to get to where I am today, plus a slight bit of being jammy.

2017 will be an interesting year and I am hopeful we will see more of the best of humanity as we go on. As well as working this year, I also hope to work on a book and study a little.

The next month’s posts are all written and ready to go since it will be mentally busy this month. They include today’s other post about North Berwick as well as musings about podcasts, Dundee, the use of clipboards in museums, Kirkcaldy, labels, Coldingham, trying new things and signs in the National Railway Museum. There will be other adventures and stories to tell along the way.

Ultimately I am hopeful about this year. Sometimes with the news, it is hard to be hopeful. But still it’s possible. I have faith in very little except the power of humanity for good and in the human spirit itself. I am hopeful for me personally as I am for the wider world. This New Year’s Day morning, the sun’s shining and there are blue skies. That’s good enough for me.

Happy New Year to one and all. Hope it’s a good one!


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