Streets of Glasgow

I wrote here recently about my wish this year to write a day tripping book. Then life intervened. I have realised that working full-time and trying to do a degree and all that stuff will make committing time to writing anything worthwhile very, very difficult. So, it’s been ditched, for now. Instead I am going to work on something a little different but can be incorporated into life fairly easily. Plus it actually seems a better fit for me than the day trip book. First it needs some explanation.

A few years ago I became interested in psychogeography, a French Situationist concept come up with to reduce alienation in cities and to see them in a different way. Will Self wrote a column in the Independent about it for a while, usually involving a psychogeographical ramble or two, like his walk from London to New York, or at least from his hoose to Heathrow then JFK Airport into the centre of Manhattan. I read a little about it and ended up spending quite a few day trips in Edinburgh embarking on derives, walks without an end point in mind until some point along the way, turning this way and that on city streets on a whim. It was how I found quite a few interesting spots in and around the capital, some of which have appeared on this blog.

Walking around the New Town in Edinburgh recently I came up with this idea called the Streets of Glasgow. I have written here before about how I don’t know Glasgow as well as I do Edinburgh despite having lived here for three years. Plus my new job is not actually in Glasgow. Near it, certainly, but it is outside Glasgow nevertheless, meaning I will be spending less time in this city. The Streets of Glasgow interests me as an idea, walking from end-to-end on some of Glasgow’s great streets, some of which go on for miles. As I walked up St. Vincent Street in the capital, I came up with a few to start with, including Govan Road, Paisley Road West, Argyle Street, Sauchiehall Street and quite a few others. The first two are within walking distance of the house and Govan Road is certainly one I have been interested in doing for a while, owing to the interesting buildings en route, particularly around Film City.

Paisley Road West
What I propose to do is to walk from one end of a street to another, mostly in a single day, and write about what I see, hear and otherwise experience. A lot of places in Glasgow I see from buses or trains but there is no substitute for putting one foot before another and getting out there. An essay might appear here occasionally but I don’t propose to be so formal about it, saying I will do one a month. It just strikes me as an interesting exercise, to see more of the city, to do some writing and not to be under pressure doing it. Watch this space…


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  11. This is really interesting. I lived and worked in Glasgow for three years but left at the end of 2017 and still miss the city (and beautiful Scotland). Really enjoyed reading some of the posts and being reminded of the Glaswegian days!

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