The cover of the Proclaimers’ album Sunshine on Leith shows Charlie and Craig standing with their backs to the camera looking out over a cityscape. The photo was taken on Calton Hill, one of Edinburgh’s hills ‘stretching out like seven cats’ as Norman MacCaig said. To quote the Proclaimers themselves, there are times when being on Calton Hill feels like you are ‘sitting on top of the world’.

From the top of Calton Hill, there are excellent views across the north and east of the capital, to the Forth Bridges, Fife and East Lothian, to the Forth islands and pretty much to where the Forth joins the North Sea. The photograph above shows Leith, including Ocean Terminal, as well as Inchkeith and the Fife coast beyond. To the left of the photograph you can see Kirkcaldy in the distance, as shown by the flats to the east of the Lang Toun.

The photograph was taken in November last year, on a day when I just felt like coming to Edinburgh and walking. Never a bad thing, especially atop Calton Hill.

Thank you for visiting. I tend to write essays about any topic that strikes my fancy – recent topics have included Dundee, my adopted home city of Glasgow and walking up Buchanan Street and observing, talking about being autistic, a sculpture of creels and other things besides. Please do have a read.


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