Coldingham is a quiet village in Berwickshire, with a country pub or two, some houses and a small Spar shop. It’s not so far from Eyemouth, which is a bigger town, and St. Abbs, a pretty fishing village just a mile or so across the fields. Usually when I’m there, I’m passing through on my way to sit at the harbour in St. Abbs for a while, only stopping in Coldingham to wait for a bus or to buy a Mars bar or something. Occasionally I stop, as I did in September, and sit in the grounds of the Priory, which is probably one of the finest, quietest places around just to ponder and wander awhile. The Priory was once a Benedictine community though now only part of it still remains a church, the rest a graveyard. Around the ground, though, are some plaques encouraging contemplation and reflection, which I like and want to share.





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