Paisley 2021

Paisley Town Hall

The race to be the UK City of Culture in 2021 is currently underway. There are a grand total of eleven areas bidding, including two in Scotland, Paisley and Perth. Some place called the Hundred of Dewisland is also bidding, which I gather from a quick Google search is in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Every day is a school day. Paisley is a place I have come to know well over the last couple of years and there have been quite a lot of different things going on in support of the bid. One is that St. Mirren FC’s ground was renamed the Paisley 2021 Stadium. Another is the emergence of various murals around Paisley town centre. On the way to a work thing today, on a scorching hot afternoon, I took a detour down Causeyside Street and took in three of them, one celebrating the 30th anniversary of St. Mirren winning the Scottish Cup, another slightly psychedelic and the third showing a girl wearing a pair of sunglasses reflecting the Paisley skyline and a top bearing the words ‘Spread your wings’. Anything showing the Scottish Cup is fine by my book, even though it is no longer calling Easter Road home. Chick Young of BBC Scotland also appears, since apparently he’s a St. Mirren fan. I liked the one on Storie Street a lot more, the one with the girl with Paisley in her eyes. It depicts a real girl, Eva Rose Ross, who was chosen after a public competition. Other murals appear around Paisley town centre, including a few on gable ends, and at some point I will share some more here. But in the meantime, if you are in Paisley, go have a wander. There are some very handsome buildings and some even better art on show.


For more information on Paisley’s bid to be the UK City of Culture, please see


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