Introverted roads

Last weekend I walked from Dryburgh Abbey to Melrose, about 4 miles or so, and part of the route took me on a road that was closed off at either end. It had clearly once been a public road with the road markings still there but fading. I walked for about half an hour entirely alone, slowly climbing, trees on one side and fields on the other. Plus hills. I was reminded of it earlier when I read a post on the blog Edinburgh Drift, which was about a walk along Turnhouse Road, not far from Edinburgh Airport. It had one of the best lines I’ve seen in a while, which was ‘If a road could be introverted, this would be it.’ This was one of those roads, being slowly reclaimed by nature, once busy and bustling with cars, now only trodden on by walkers shuttling between Border abbeys. Or horses, as shown by the frequent smatterings of their leavings along the way. There should be more introverted roads.

2 thoughts on “Introverted roads

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