Random photos

I take photos of a lot of random stuff. Sometimes they are meant for writing ideas, sometimes just because they are downright bizarre. Here’s a few of this year’s examples. Some of these, to be honest, I don’t have a clue why I took them so it might be a best guess that accompanies them.

Spicy books. This is the romance section of Barter Books, a wonderful second-hand bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland
43? I am pretty sure this was taken along Middle Meadow Walk in Edinburgh, near the Quartermile development. Being a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan, I like to think this alludes to the ultimate number.
This was taken in Edinburgh, probably the same day as the last one. I don’t know what Kiss had done to the writer of this graffiti.
This is from the Streets of Glasgow walk along Buchanan Street, in fact down a lane. This was just sitting there.
This is a statue relating to the Bud Neill Lobey Dosser cartoons, which sits in the concourse of Partick Station here in Glasgow. Behind the statue is the Subway.
My phone tells me this was taken in the Lauriston area of Edinburgh and I think it is in the campus of Edinburgh University. Not quite sure of the wider context.
This is a reference to the BBC Scotland comedy series ‘Still Game’. This bookies appeared in that series and in a montage when Winston and Isa were dating. It is around the corner from Partick Thistle’s ground, Firhill, where I am going on Saturday.
This is from the Streets of Glasgow walk along the High Street. Not sure why I took this at all. Might be relating to the plaque to the left of the doorway.
Another Edinburgh one. Random. Not sure why I took it.
Another Streets of Glasgow one, this time from Cathcart Road. I found it hilarious that the World’s No. 1 car wash was in the Gorbals.
Old school bus, taken outside Berwick-upon-Tweed railway station. When I was a kid, these buses were very common and in this livery too.
Does what it says on the tin. This is another Streets of Glasgow one, this time from Alexandra Parade
Taken on a wander around the street art of Dundee
Taken on a wander back from Dens Park in Dundee. They aren’t welcome.
Taken the other week on the Streets of Glasgow walk along Edmiston Drive. An urban stereotype.

Another wee plug, incidentally, for the Nourish eBook published this week by the Scottish Book Trust, in which I have some words. It is downloadable in eBook and audiobook form from http://scottishbooktrust.com/reading/book-week-scotland/nourish/ebook. More information about my whole part in that caper in last week’s post Bridies.


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