This week, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will decide which city will be the UK’s City of Culture in 2021, whether Coventry, Paisley, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland and Swansea. I live in Glasgow though over the last few years I have come to know Paisley quite well. I like Paisley a lot. It has a lot of very fine buildings and fine people in them. There’s always a lot going on. The City of Culture bid has brought a renewed pride of worth in Paisley and from Lego to Paisley pattern flash mobs, Baker Street in County Square to selfies in frames, it has been great to see.

My favourite bit of the Paisley 2021 extravaganza has been the murals. I know I’ve posted these photos here before but I rather like them. These were taken on a gorgeous afternoon back in the summer.

Go Paisley!


3 thoughts on “Paisley!

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    1. I heard about the Only an Excuse sketch. I believe it was one of the highlights of the show. Didn’t see it as was watching Total Recall, of all things. Thoroughly agree re Paisley. Hopefully Coventry will do a good job.


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