Ice, ice baby

Obvious title, I know, but I wanted to write a bit about the weather here in the Wild West lately. It has been cold. Very cold. It is December so it is inevitable. We haven’t had cold like this for a few years though. We occasionally have snow, we mainly have rain. At the moment we have a whole lot of frost and ice, plus temperatures that rarely rise above freezing. I don’t mind the cold but the ice is beginning to get to me. I walk very fast normally, out of inclination and sometimes anxiety, and slipping and sliding along the pavement just stresses me out. I even fell over and hurt my wrist a couple of weeks ago (not severely, I have to add; it’s fine now) but that was probably down to inadequate footwear than anything else. After that I just lost my confidence and from being an aggressive pedestrian, I’ve become a timid one, looking carefully along the pavement seeing which parts sparkle or which bits have a veneer over them, slowing down or speeding up. It makes going out into the world even more challenging, feeling and fearing that I’ll fall down. I know I’m not alone in that – there are a lot of people who are finding it tough to go outside right now. My street is particularly bad, located in a dip with not much natural sunlight. The City Council does send gritters along occasionally but the suburbs are less of a priority than the city centre. Fair enough, even while more people live outwith the city centre. Their budgets have been cut considerably in recent years so they have to prioritise. I just have to prioritise wearing sensible footwear, that’s all.

More positively, the cold makes things beautiful. We haven’t had so much snow here in Glasgow but the frost and ice has made it seem very wintry, the icicles hanging from tree branches and all that stuff. Almost like Christmas, some might say.

Photograph taken below the Esplanade, near Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, on 16th December 2017, c. 11am



2 thoughts on “Ice, ice baby

  1. Your pedestrian behaviour sounds just like mine at the moment (well, until today when it’s shot up to a balmy 7C). I have fallen and damaged myself several times – actually, none of them ice related, but even so i’m very nervous walking in these conditions.

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