The Harbour

Dunbar’s Victoria Harbour was built in 1842. The New Harbour, as it is still known, was hewn out of the Castle rock and it is still used for a small number of fishing boats and a fair few yachts. The Battery was recently redeveloped with some nice interpretation boards and art installations. For more information, please see these posts from earlier in the year. It is a place I know well, having lived a couple of streets away as a kid.

I like harbours. The harbour mouth is an opening to the world. The mouth of the New Harbour has a great view not only across the Forth to the Bass Rock and the Isle of May and also much closer to the remaining ruins of Dunbar Castle, once one of the great castles of Scotland. It was where Mary, Queen of Scots fled to after the Battle of Carberry Hill in 1567. It was demolished by order of the Scots Parliament the following year. The stones from the castle helped to build the harbour and many of the houses on the High Street.

These were taken the last time I was in Dunbar, back in October. I hadn’t been to the harbour for a good few years. I was glad I went, if only to see the familiar from another angle, as if at sea.

A bit of blog business before I go. In a few weeks time, I will be posting here for the 400th time. To celebrate that, like with the 300th, I’m opening it up to suggestions. The 300th was about library carpets and the scarcity of public toilets, incidentally. Feel free to put a comment below or send an email.


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