30 Before 30

In about eighteen months time, I will be turning 30. I’ve mostly made peace with that. It’s just a number. When I realised I had a year and a half to go, I decided to make a list of thirty things I would like to do before I’m thirty. Some of them are things I’m actively planning anyway, like signing up to the last module of my Open University degree, which hopefully will be in 2019 anyway, walking the route of the Glasgow Subway (Buchanan Street shown above) and finally sitting down to watch Game of Thrones (I got six episodes in then got sidetracked). Others are ambitions I’ve had for a while, like walking across the Forth Road Bridge, going to a stand-up comedy show, sitting on the 3 bus which goes from Govan to Drumchapel via half the world, learning to swim and watching a football match at Palmerston Park in Dumfries purely because it’s a nice, old-fashioned ground. One or two seem things I should have done by now, like going to a music festival or on a protest, drinking a pint of Belhaven Best or submitting myself for a barber’s shave. Others are based on the fact I’m tight (buying underwear that costs more than a takeaway because it has a label on it) or sensible (wearing shorts on a winter’s day when not exercising and being able to finish an energy drink like Red Bull despite the fact they’re bowfin’). A fair few of them are travel-related, like going on a ferry to somewhere I’ve never been before or walking the length of the John Muir Way (Helensburgh end shown below) or taking a trip to Dunadd, the traditional crowning place for the King of Scots over in Argyll.

It’s a varied list and I’m not sure how many of them I’ll achieve over the next year and a half. The priorities are the ones that involve travel, naturally, but I hope I get through most of them, even for the new and exciting experiences that will hopefully ensue as a result. The protest one should be interesting though given how the world is turning to shite there is no shortage of suitable causes. I’ll be at one of them, probably with a placard saying ‘Down With This Sort Of Thing’.


10 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. I approached all my “big 0s” with trepidation until this last one (60). Now i’m absurdly pleased with myself for getting this far intact – and with a bus pass. 30 is a great age, embrace it. Good luck with the list.

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