View from the Lighthouse

The other Sunday, I visited the Lighthouse for the very first time. It sits in Mitchell Lane in the city centre featuring a diverse selection of exhibitions. It also has a tower from which you can see right across Glasgow. Today this view’s probably much more snowy. Below are some photos from that experience at the top of the shoogly staircase. They were taken as normal with my phone so nothing special. Enjoy.

I also write a series on this blog called Streets of Glasgow, which has featured many of the streets that can be seen from the Lighthouse, including Streets of Glasgow: Mitchell StreetStreets of Glasgow: West Nile StreetStreets of Glasgow: Renfield StreetStreets of Glasgow: Hope Street and Streets of Glasgow: Queen Street.

5 thoughts on “View from the Lighthouse

    1. It’s still here though not falling from the sky any more.

      My favourite view of Glasgow is from the flagpole at Queen’s Park. At street level it is the view from Govan looking across to the Riverside Museum.

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