Streets of Glasgow: Kelvin Way

I start each of these posts with a photograph of the street sign. More often than not, I make it one of the first things I do on starting the walk. On Kelvin Way, it looked set that it wouldn’t happen. I reached Sauchiehall Street and no street sign to be seen. Luckily there was one a little way past the crossing so the conventions could be met.

Kelvin Way is an elegant tree-lined thoroughfare leading from University Avenue to Sauchiehall Street by Kelvingrove. I like it a lot because of the views to Park Circus, Kelvingrove and along the river Kelvin. Some people would argue that it doesn’t have much interest, certainly not from a psychogeographical point of view. Luckily I knew otherwise, making sure I stopped by the Suffragette Oak, a tree planted just shy of 100 years ago by women’s suffrage groups to mark the granting of the vote to some women. The tree was damaged by a storm last year and the Council had to cut it back a bit. The bits that had been cut off ended up in the hands of the Glasgow Women’s Library who intend to use them in a way that celebrates those women who worked so diligently to gain the ballot. The GWL had nominated the tree for Scotland’s Tree of the Year award in 2015 and it won, beating off lots of others across the country in the popular vote. I’ve passed it numerous times and seen it bedecked in purple, white and green ribbons. It will grow back and stronger too. As Patrick Geddes said, ‘by leaves we live’.

From Kelvin Way, it is possible to get stunning views to much of the west of the city, to Park Circus and to the much closer Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the cupolas and spires of that fine building seen at their best from by the river. The sun cast a nice silhouette over Kelvingrove, darkening the red of the building into a black. I particularly liked looking at the statues which sit on the bridge over the river, a splendidly posh touch that makes me normally forget for a moment that it’s 2018 and think of horses and carts and folks in Victorian garb rather than the cars which lined either side of the road.

The trees were regaining their leaves and daffodils and crocuses were coming up nicely as I walked by the park. Unlike the University Avenue walk of a few minutes before, this one was a little more sheltered by the trees and the sun came out for a few moments. It was still bitingly cold, however, but it was still worth being there, to see the Suffragette Oak and be in one of the most stunning streets in the city, surrounded by some of its finest buildings as I walked.

This is the twenty ninth Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. There are quite a few other posts in the series, including the nearby Byres Road, Sauchiehall Street and University Avenue, which appeared here last week.

Streets is going on hiatus shortly, in fact at the end of June, though will be replaced by something hopefully as interesting.


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