Aaron Sorkin created quite a few TV series, most famously The West Wing and the much underrated Sports Night. He was also behind HBO’s The Newsroom. In one notable episode, set around the time US forces killed Osama bin Laden, Jeff Daniels’ character Will McAvoy had a party in his New York apartment, at one point duetting with Jim Harper on guitar on a song called ‘Sunshine’, with the lyric ‘Sunshine go away today, I don’t feel much like dancing’. Try and find it: it’s a nice song, originally released by Jonathan Edwards. Though it’s about the Vietnam War, it could also sum up how I feel a lot of the time about warm weather, which is surely almost upon us after a few nice days in the middle of April before coming right back down to earth. This past weekend was quite warm, to be fair.

While I’m happy not to wear a coat for a bit, I also tend to overheat very easily. Combine that with nice weather and tendency to walk fast and I don’t tend to do well. Very hot days usually see me in the shade whenever possible. The days I really loathe, though, are cloudy, clammy days. At least with the sunshine there’s light, wispy clouds and a sense of optimism. Having grown up in Dunbar with sunshine ever tempered by a near constant wind means I function best in moderate climes, just shy of twenty degrees max. T-shirt weather but not enough to break a sweat. I moved to Glasgow just shy of five years ago in July in the middle of a heatwave. I could be forgiven for imagining it’s like that here all the time, the recent heavy snow finally putting paid to that notion.

In really warm weather, I’ll break out shorts. As I wrote about recently in the post Some blethers, I’m quite self-conscious about my appearance, perhaps made worse by also having acne into my late twenties, though I’m relatively unbothered about wearing shorts outside. Billy Connolly said once that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes and that’s true. As it gets warmer I’ll swap long sleeves for short sleeves, going for shorts when it really merits it. I even managed to achieve a small personal ambition and wear shorts to Easter Road to watch Hibs the other week. For those who don’t know it, Easter Road can be a very cold place to watch football, being fairly close to the Forth. I will never make a male model but I’m learning in my years not to care and to dress for comfort rather than speed.

I don’t know what the solution is. I can dress for the weather but not spend too much time in it. That won’t work. There’s too many places to see and to be, many best seen with the sun on your back. Maybe the best solution is to adopt an amber alert and proceed with caution, slowing down as well as taking the usual precautions, just getting out in the world and hoping the pollen count doesn’t get too high.

Thanks for reading.

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