Streets of Glasgow: Cadogan Street

This one was planned when I had some time to kill on the way home one Saturday night. I was at the traffic lights and trying to think of any streets in the vicinity I hadn’t covered in the Streets of Glasgow series before. I took out my phone and opened Google Maps, my eyes soon alighting on Cadogan Street. The Harry Potter nerd in me approved, with thoughts of the swashbuckling knight portrait in Hogwarts maybe replicated in a Glasgow street. It wasn’t like that at all but a man can dream. It was quite boring, really. That’s fine – boring is good, it is nice to see places when they’re quiet and not occupied by their usual people, office workers or whatever.

I started right after the Waterloo Street walk (which appeared here last weekend). Cadogan Street begins with the Cadogan Square car park under a very Brutalist office block. Uber Brutalist. I knew that Anderston was redesigned in the 1960s and won awards for its design though I hadn’t seen as much of it up close. In the square were some trees behind a white metal fence and writing about it just now reminds me of the Joni Mitchell song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and a tree museum where people pay a dollar and a half just to see them. Further up some of the buildings were being redeveloped, including a former beauty salon which still had some of the signs up advertising IPL laser, Hollywood lashes and laser teeth whitening.

Most of the rest of Cadogan Street was modern offices, though gratifyingly one of the archetypal red sandstone Glasgow buildings reflected in the dark glass office block. The red sandstone building on the corner had a nice tower with a curve on the corner and a cupola on the top. It was nice to see. I walked by the side of it to where the street came to a dead end with another modern office block. I liked being able to look at the gaps though between buildings with foliage growing up the side and other blocks visible, gaps perhaps emerging by an accident of an architect’s pencil. I also liked the street sign which had been cut in half by a building’s pipe, the word ‘Street’, white letters on black, without a name. It wasn’t such a boring walk, really, even if it was curtailed as the rain got that bit heavier and I headed all the faster for my train home.

This is the thirty third Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Firhill Road follows next week. I wrote about the nearby Waterloo Street last week.

Also, for those viewing on a web browser, yes, the blog does look different. It has reverted back to the Lovecraft theme. The header image on the homepage is Tranter’s Bridge at Aberlady Bay in East Lothian, a place which will feature in a future post.

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