Streets of Glasgow: Addison Road

Way back in March last year, I picked Buchanan Street for the very first walk in this Streets of Glasgow series. I did it at lunchtime one day I was in town for a course. Buchanan Street is one of the busiest streets in Glasgow though it struck me later that there was another reason why Buchanan Street was appropriate, given that some of my ancestors were Buchanans, even if the street wasn’t named after them. It felt appropriate for the last of the current series that the street I chose had a personal resonance. For those unfamiliar with Addison Road, it is in Kelvinside, near the Botanic Gardens. In fact it leads from one part of the Botanics, the bit nearest the Kibble Palace, to the arboretum.

I had the taste of crisps on my tongue and in my teeth. Good crisps too, Mackies Aberdeen Angus Steak, purchased as I walked from Firhill Road via the West End. It was starting to rain, only getting heavier as I walked the few hundred yards towards Kirklee Road. I could hear birdsong with only a wee bit of road noise, that and the flats to my left the only obvious sign I was in the biggest city in Scotland and not in the countryside. Despite how short the road was, I still had to check Google Maps as the road split to make sure I was still going the right way. That seemed appropriate.

To my right was the Botanic Gardens and a couple of bridges across the Kelvin. The rain didn’t quite spoil the fleeting contented feeling I had as I looked towards the river nor that when I reached Kirklee Road and the end of this walk. It was the end of the current series but not of the adventures I could have in this city on foot or by motive power. I walked back to the Botanics and sat out the rain in the Kibble Palace, scribbling notes and making plans.

This is the thirty fifth Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Nearby streets covered in this series include Byres Road and Queen Margaret Drive.

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