Loose Ends: Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral has been a possible connection a few times in Loose Ends so far, right from Aberdour Castle since both have appeared in Outlander. This time it is due to Culross and St. Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow, who is buried within the Cathedral. It was a beautiful sunny day as I walked up to the Cathedral, entering through the big end doors that face Castle Street. I took a turn around the upper church, pausing to peer at some of the windows and plaques that line the walls. One window, a blue affair, was particularly handsome and every time I go to the Cathedral I like to look at it, despite it being put there by some of Glasgow’s independent schools. I went up to the sacristry and found a plaque about Robert Leighton, once archbishop of Glasgow, a link back to Culross where Leighton often stayed. I also paid particular attention to the pews with the crests of various city institutions as well as the city itself. Sadly the lower church was shut so I didn’t get the chance to see my favourite bit of the Cathedral, the Blackadder Aisle, or indeed St. Mungo’s tomb in the undercroft.

From Glasgow Cathedral there can be many links, certainly to any church under the control of the Church of Scotland. I thought about going to the Necropolis but the heat of the day and my throbbing feet put paid to that. Other ideas came, though, a possible trip to Aberdeen with the link to the Piper Alpha memorial in the square outside, or to Leighton’s Library in Dunblane.

Despite being busy, the Cathedral was peaceful and serene and I enjoyed what I was able to see of that great church.

12 thoughts on “Loose Ends: Glasgow Cathedral

  1. It’s strange, I think I probably explored the cathedral in the early years of living here but I can only remember going in twice in recent years. Once for a performance of the Messiah (it was freezing!) and once for a funeral. I don’t feel the same affinity with it than I do for, say, Durham.

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    1. I’m much the same as you re the Cathedral. Durham is a cut above, though.

      I do like the Blackadder Aisle which is in the lower part of the Cathedral but sadly it was shut for this visit.

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  2. I love Glasgow Cathedral. Whenever I used to take my non-Glaswegian friends around the city, it was always my first stop (usually followed by St Mungo’s Museum, the Provands Lordship and of course, the Necropolis). I’ve never made it to the choral evensong performances, although I would love to attend.

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    1. My Weegie hotspots tend to be Kelvingrove and, before it shut for its refurb, the Burrell. There’s a post idea in there somewhere!

      I do like all the places you mentioned, especially St Mungo’s Museum and its Zen Garden.

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