Streets of Glasgow: Drury Street

Drury Street was a good spur-of-the-moment walk, a chance glance up West Nile Street to a street I had never been on before. Drury Street made me think of Drury Lane, a place with theatres, I think, somewhere in London’s West End. The Weegie version just has pubs and some half-decent architecture, brief as barely a couple of minutes covered the length but no less interesting for the handful of footsteps it took. I looked up and saw some interesting Greek touches, ruffles and crests atop and around the building above the Patisserie Valerie. The Yes bar was somewhere I was vaguely aware of, as also the Horseshoe Bar which has been recommended to me more than once. I heard live music from the Horseshoe and the only people stood in the street were pub bouncers and the occasional fly smoker. The flags of World Cup nations, noticeably not including our southern neighbours, flew in pub windows. I stood at the Renfield Street end and looked back, enjoying the curling street lamps, golden city buildings and a generic office block up the far end. It might have been two minutes but it was enough to see something interesting, put names to places and walk once more with my head in the skyline.

Thanks for reading. This is the thirty sixth post in the Streets of Glasgow series here on Walking Talking. Nearby streets covered in this series previously include West Nile Street, Renfield Street, Gordon Street and Mitchell Street.

In the lead up to the 500th post, which will be in a few weeks, I’m opening this up to suggestions. If anyone has any ideas for a future post or even a Streets of Glasgow walk, please do share them. Incidentally, I already have an idea for the five hundredth post. It’s not five hundred miles.


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