Streets of Glasgow: Killermont Street

I had just come back. As the bus pulled into Buchanan Bus Station, I had a notion to do a Streets walk, now a rare pleasure rather than an obligation fitted one after the other, and along Killermont Street, just outside the bus station leading from North Hanover Street to the junction of Renfrew Street and West Nile Street. I figured I could at least write about the buses and the Royal Concert Hall, even the popcorn smell from the nearby cinema that I had smelled earlier in the day.

Killermont Street is short. A few paces would do it. What I had forgotten was how it’s actually a pleasant tree-lined street, particularly on the bus station side. There I crossed the road between buses, making sure I got a picture of the Caution Buses sign, too late for many journeys in my experience. I also liked the upside down road sign left leaning on a dark bus station wall. How would people in the thereabouts get to George Square, Townhead or Springburn? I suspect it had been knocked doon at some point in the recent past. That bit of the street was quite boxy and modern, nowhere near like the railway station that once stood there, John Lewis and the Buchanan Galleries car park next to the RSNO and the concert hall. The concert hall with its pillars fits in really well on this quite architecturally diverse street with all sorts of shapes thrown, rounded hat sweeps, sharp points of car parks and student halls, clocks with legs emanating out, plus a grass wall just plonked in the middle of the pavement.

What I love about Glasgow is looking up. Killermont Street is a cracking place to do that. When I come out of the bus station, usually fresh from an adventure somewhere non-urban, I always get a wee rush of excitement at being home, with the people, buses, noises and high buildings a weirdly satisfying sort of overload. It is one of my favourite streets in Glasgow and one of the nicest Streets walks, however brief it was, since I hadn’t properly appreciated the blur of angles and shapes possible to see when looking up in a place at once a beginning and ending place of adventures, for once an adventure in itself.

Thanks for reading. This is the thirty seventh Streets of Glasgow post on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets included in this series before include West Nile Street, Buchanan Street, George Square and Sauchiehall Street.

7 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Killermont Street

  1. I like your description about the feeling of stepping out of a main transport hub into a pleasant overload. Think a lot of nifty town planning goes into this, first impressions count and people are always hanging around for an hour or two waiting for a connection. I love the Cineworld, couldn’t believe the size of it when it was being built.

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