Streets of Glasgow: Royal Bank Place

This was the shortest Streets of Glasgow walk to date, undertaken in the rain one August afternoon on the way to the Gallery of Modern Art. In its entirety, Royal Bank Place can be covered in less than a minute at a brisk pace, leading from Buchanan Street to Royal Exchange Square. It is lined on either side by handsome bank buildings, hence the name, though only one side still has a financial institution, Nationwide, the other a clothes shop, the wheel ends of sewing machines facing out the window. Looking up is worth it, as ever, a reminder – as if one was needed – of the beauty of Glasgow’s buildings above the ground. This particular day, however, I would get rain in my eye as I looked quickly and headed on through the arch and away.

Thanks for reading. This was the thirty ninth instalment of Streets of Glasgow here on Walking Talking. Nearby streets covered previously in this series include Buchanan Street, Queen Street, Gordon Street and Ingram Street.

5 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Royal Bank Place

  1. I love this square on a winter evening, when the fairy lights overhead are switched on. It feels magical. It also reminds me of sitting on the stairs of what was then Borders for 2 hours as we queued for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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    1. It is a very nice bit. That bit of the city centre generally feels magical by night, another great thing about Glasgow. My purchase of that particular book from a supermarket on my way to work seems much less magical.


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