Streets of Glasgow: George Street

Another Streets of Glasgow walk began as the rain continued unabated. It was one of those strange Glaswegian rains which managed to be wet and sunny at the same time. I started from the High Street end of George Street and I made sure I looked at the many murals of Strathclyde University before ducking under the canopy by the shops as the rain fell still harder. The gaps between the buildings at the High Street end gave a good view to the finials and points of the roofs up there. The murals on George Street are particularly glorious, even in the rain, with designs representing various alumni of Strathclyde University plus scientific concepts and ideas. My particular favourite was the figure blowing dandelion seeds in the shape of wind turbines.

The other side of the street, particularly towards John Street, featured lots of glass office buildings with lots of reflections of the other buildings and skyscape on the glass. I kept to the northern side of the street, not least because scaffolding and overhanging canopies kept me from getting absolutely soaking. It dried off a bit by the time I got towards John Street, meaning I could spend a bit more time looking at the side of the City Chambers and the archway in the middle of the street opposite. Since much of George Street was closed to motorists because of the European Championships, I could also stand in the middle of the road and take photos, a rare city pleasure on a weekday evening.

George Street is a street I have meant to cover in this series for a while. It is one of the streets that would fit in anywhere in the world, a canyon-type street with high buildings that could just as easily be in New York, Liverpool or London. It was a shame that it was raining heavily when I finally got round to it or else I would have lingered a lot longer and pondered just why a corsage sat on a street sign or looked up at the art adorning Strathclyde University, even sitting for a few minutes in the small garden nearer the High Street. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and forget being all psychogeographical and keep dry. Then again this is Glasgow and rain should be expected, even with the summer we’ve just had when I had a jacket with me a lot of days, just in case. Go to George Street anyway and just look up until you get a raindrop in your eye.

Thanks for reading. This is the forty first Streets of Glasgow walk here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured here include George Square, Ingram Street, Cathedral Street, Duke Street and High Street.

The forty second Streets of Glasgow post, featuring Paisley Road West, appeared here yesterday.

The August digest appears here on Sunday.

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