George Street mural

This happens quite a bit. Between writing and posting Streets of Glasgow walks, changes happen on the streets in question and this happened with George Street just recently. Snug has been at it again, producing a stunning mural of St. Enoch cradling baby St. Mungo, neatly complementing the one of St. Mungo with the bird and the bell up the road on the High Street. I saw this one up close yesterday and I like it immensely for all sorts of reasons. It is modern yet universal, symbolic but not totally obscure. Go have a look, it’s on a gable end as George Street meets the High Street and Duke Street.

Thanks for reading. Next post here is the August digest, which appears here tomorrow. The George Street Streets of Glasgow walk appeared here on Wednesday and the Paisley Road West 500th post/3rd anniversary extravaganza was on Tuesday.

10 thoughts on “George Street mural

      1. Fair enough! I have a fair few rules myself, the best being that I always wait for a green man when crossing the road during a Streets of Glasgow walk, in case I miss anything!


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