Streets of Glasgow: Cochrane Street

I was heading through the town to do another Streets walk and ended up on Cochrane Street, another Merchant City street named after a Tobacco Lord. It’s at the back of the City Chambers, one of those Glasgow streets permanently in shadow with lots of office blocks, the Cooncil and HMRC, to name but two, working out of there. I was there in late afternoon, and office workers loused for the day were blethering outside. Since I was in psychogeographic mode again, I concentrated on the architecture around me, the might of the City Chambers and the archway at John Street which I never fail to savour each time I pass. The City Chambers East building had a balcony which looked like it hadn’t been used for a while, perhaps envisioned as a place for councillors to pronounce and genuflect to the citizenry. Wheatley House, the front of which sits on Ingram Street, was more modern, mostly managing to fit in to the Victorian air of Cochrane Street. My eyes turned to a building facing me, now on Montrose Street, with a whole lot of flowers hanging down, a neat antidote to all the bureaucracy housed around me. Another Streets walk down, one in shadows, certainly beautiful and a great entryway to the Merchant City beyond.

Thanks for reading. This is the forty third Streets of Glasgow walk here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured in this series so far include George Square, George Street (not at all the same), Ingram Street, Queen Street and Miller Street.

This street is one of many in Glasgow named after a person linked with slavery.

In June 2020, an anonymous activist went round Glasgow city centre renaming streets named after folk linked with slavery. Cochrane Street became Sheku Bayoh Street.

Another Streets of Glasgow walk follows next week.

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