Digest: September 2018

September digest time here on Walking Talking and it was one hell of a busy month. Thankfully October should be a bit calmer.

It started with going to Livingston to see Hibs get beat. I managed to leave my ticket for the game at home, necessitating heading back and missing the bus that would have got me to the Tony Macaroni Arena well ahead of time. I had to get a train instead to Livingston North, a good half hour from the ground, but got a taxi since I had done the trudge before and had no desire to repeat it. Livingston is horrible and the bus terminal is really badly laid out.

The following day I went to Northumberland with a very fine walk around the walls at Berwick followed by a saunter along the beach at Embleton. I made sure I got a Sea Window Craster-style shot when in Craster.

The next Thursday and Friday I was on a quest looking for a book. On the Friday I went to the West End, managing a couple of Streets of Glasgow walks, before I ended up in Edinburgh, going to many, many more bookshops as well as cramming in no less than three Loose Ends adventures. It was a great day, even if I ultimately had to order the book on Amazon.

Sunday that week saw me go for a walk in Edinburgh along the Restalrig Railway Path. I think a post about that should appear here soon. I also managed a Streets of Glasgow walk on John Street.

The following Friday I ended up at Tantallon Castle, a dear, familiar place, and it was brilliant. I wrote a bit about that in one of the Saturday morning posts.

Saturday 22nd September was Dundee day. I was there to see the Hibs play at Dens Park and also managed a wee look into the brand new V and A Museum of Design, a stunningly beautiful building shown off to best effect in the sunshine. (I appreciate that the V and A usually has an ampersand in its name but I don’t like ampersands.) Then I went to see the Hibees play, followed by dinner and another quick wander around the exterior of the V and A. More about that in the V and A post from a week or so ago.

The next day I had a Glasgow adventure including a wee spin to Govan for the Govan Stones and Mary Barbour statue as well as a turn around the Necropolis.

Saturday 29th September I went the three miles to see Hibs play at St. Mirren. They won 1-0.

That’s the digest for September.

This blog has also expanded into a rambling discursive post on a Saturday morning. The first one was quite well-received (thanks for all comments and views for that) and I decided to make it a regular feature. It has tended to be about books so far though it might just be a massive blether. I hope to be able to write something live on Saturday morning, perhaps delving into psychogeography and an interesting looking programme on Radio 4 next week, but it might have to be written ahead of time. We’ll see what happens.

I sometimes like to share posts from other blogs that I’ve liked this month. Just now I’ve read a really good post from Alex Cochrane about his father, his ancestor and Pablo Neruda. I’ve saved it to read more later. I also liked Jessica’s post at Diverting Journeys about the American Sign Museum in Ohio – it strikes me as an incredible sensory experience. One of the rare pleasures of blogging, particularly in the last week as I haven’t had time to write much myself, has been looking through my WordPress Reader and reading what other people write. It is not inconsiderable.

Anyway, that’s us. Have a nice October, y’all.

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3 thoughts on “Digest: September 2018

  1. Thanks for the shout with the Neruda blog! Can’t wait to make a trip to see the V&A (like you I don’t agree with ampersands but you can’t avoid it here.) Not sure when I’ll make it to Dundee as quite a few trips lined-up over next couple of months, including seeing Hins at Killie which I know is ages away. Impressed by how much ground you cover!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. It was a good post. I am a Neruda fan too.

      The plan is to go back to the V and A in the next few weeks, probably on a Tuesday afternoon when it’ll be quieter. I was impressed with what I saw of it. It was just an added bonus to see it when in Dundee for the football. I tend to fit in stuff by accident or design depending on the day as was certainly the case in September!

      Liked by 1 person

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