Streets of Glasgow: John Street

Glasgow means different things to different people. To me it’s where I live, a place of culture, variety and strangeness. To others, it is music or crime. John Street is in the city centre and it is also where the police station was on Taggart, the long-running police procedural drama on STV. In that spirit, my walk down from Cathedral Street was soundtracked by the Taggart theme music. DCI Burke, Jackie and Robbie were nowhere to be seen, sadly. I walked past the Student Union and admired the side of the Royal College building last seen on George Street. Straight ahead was the archway leading to the back of the City Chambers, all pillars, sculptures, towers and cupolas. Even on a Sunday, there were a few people dotting about, tourists taking photos. I did the same and generally revelled in the architectural splendour, the back of the City Chambers truly stunning and even nicer than the front.

Across the road the cafes were full. I looked up to see the Roman god statues of Mercury, one at either end. It was pleasantly cosmopolitan and I was cheered to see the rainbow flags flying proud there too. In a few short minutes I had walked from the busy Cathedral Street through reminders of No Mean City and the grandeur to the swish modern bars of the Merchant City, all on one street, Glasgow in miniature.

Thank you for reading. This is the forty seventh Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured so far include Cathedral Street, George Street, George Square, Cochrane Street, Ingram Street, Albion Street and Miller Street.

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