Streets of Glasgow: Oswald Street

Oswald Street street sign

The Oswald Street walk began as I came off the Broomielaw, deciding to do a Streets of Glasgow even with the continuing wind and rain. Oswald Street leads from the Broomielaw, finishing at the junction with Hope Street and Argyle Street in the shadow of Central Station. As I started there was the usual line of buses waiting to stop, a steady stream of people trying to get those buses and others, like me, trying to navigate around them on an ever narrower pavement. Folk stood at the bus stop, kids laughing and caring not that it was cold, wet and gloomy that particular lunchtime. The street was darker and less salubrious at the southern end, the buildings getting taller and more modern by the junction, Motel One having sprung up over the last year or so, another glass concoction. The scale of small buildings to the huge hotel and Central Station reflected the differing architectural priorities over the last century or so, Victorian grandeur to functional back to modern style points. Earlier I had thought about where I knew the word Oswald from, including St. Oswald, once King of Northumbria, whose head is interred in the shrine of St. Cuthbert in Durham Cathedral. It is amazing what thoughts come to mind in city streets, history and hagiography instead of windy and rainy Glasgow in November.

Looking up Oswald Street with bus in foreground
Central Station canopy from Oswald Street

Thanks for reading. This is the fifty third Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Other nearby streets featured in this series so far include Hope Street, Waterloo Street, Union Street, Gordon Street and Bothwell Street.

This street is one of many in Glasgow named after a person linked with slavery.

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